Born 2018-03-31


  • Qtcat Belicia, BSH n 24, female (SOLD)

  • Qtcat Purissima, BSH b 24, female (SOLD)

  • Qtcat Ancilla, BSH a 24, female (SOLD)

  • Qtcat Yonina, BSH a 24, female (SOLD)

  • Qtcat Absalon, BSH a 24, male (SOLD)

  • Qtcat Mascotte, BSH a 24, male (SOLD)

  • Qtcat Budlight, BSH a 24, male (SOLD)

Sire: DK*LadyXiera's Black Knight, BSH n 
(PKD-DNA neg parents, HCM-normal and HD normal/normal)

Dam: Qtcat Almond, BSH a 21 33
(PKD-DNA neg parents, HCM-normal and HD normal/normal)


The kittens will be ready to move to their new familys when they are 13-16 weeks old 

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