my name is Carolina Samuelsson and I live in Almunge, Sweden, with my husband Mikael, our children Tuva-Li & Viktor and all our lovely cats. Our cats are strictly indoors cats and only goes out with harnesses and/or out in the cat run. The "main Meny" for our cats is BARF/MUSH. We use "PeeWee" litter in the trays.

My prefix was not among my first hand choice, the fact is that it was my sixth! But like this afterwards, it feels very right and I am very glad that it become my prefix. The idea for the prefix where from a free postcard that SF handed out for a lot of years ago. On the postcard they had played with the letters so that if you read it right, was a sentence even though it was a completely different spelling. If you want to express my prefix right? It's "Cutie Cat" (kjutikat).


My Goals and Values
Being a breeder is a big responsibility and it means a lot of work and commitment from you as a person. I was going to share my goals and how I have thought myself to get there.
Breeding is an ongoing work and you learn something new all the time. Depending on that you never have any guarantees that everything is as it has been thought, your values and goals can change over time. It is therefore important for me to respect everyone's values on the breeding and objectives and see the positive in that we all are not going exactly the same way about everything and nothing. This is what creates variation and that is what makes it so wonderful to be human- You can change your opinion over time, where after you get new experiences! You keep learning all the time.


Today, I think like this
An obvious goal for me is to strive towards cats that are prosperous and healthy throughout their lifetime, and that these cats also have a wonderful temperament. I want them to be secure individuals who love to love and who love their people. Cats primary mission is to be just a wonderful loving pet!

To achieve these goals, I will regularly test all my breeding animals for the recommended health tests available for the race, even after they have been neutered (HCM). A good temperament for my cats, I hope to achieve by using social and friendly cats in my breeding, with a temperament that appeals to me, and that with my own personal upbringing of the kittens have them safe and stable during their first time as a cat.

I value the genetic variation and therefore seeks to make it as close to 0% as possible in the inbreeding rate my matings as I do. I will work to broaden the genetic base for the colourpointed British Shorthair and to encourage more males used in breeding.


On a longer plan, I strive to get the colourpointed British Shorthair:

* A wonderful round and cobby type
* The same wonderful blue eye color as the Birman and Siamese 
* A good contrast between points and body colour.



We test our cats for:

* HCM (Hypertrofisk kardiomyopati)

* PKD (Polycystisk Kidney Diseas)

* HD (Hip Dysplasi)

* Bloodgroup























































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